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  • Looking for Specialty Packaging Products for your retail customer?
  • Do you want to Laminate graphics and designs to your boxes and packaging?
  • Looking for Displays for your retail products?
  • Do you need eye catching graphics and unique designs for your promotional piece?

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Pyne Tree Packaging serves Commercial Printers with graphic arts finishing, laminating, litho mounting, and die cut services.

Pyne Tree's Product Line for all industries includes: Pocket Folders, Presentation Folders, Counter Cards, Easel Cards, and Point of Purchase Displays (POP)


Trade Finishing for the Print Industry

Finishing for Graphic Arts
Lithographic Mounting
Die Cutting Services
Folding and Gluing
Litho Laminating
Hand Assembly
Pocket Folders
Large Format Diecutting
Fulfillment and Mailing
Die Cut Signs
Foil Stamping


Presentation Folders
Large Format Diecuts
Product Displays
P.O.P. Displays
Pocket Folders
Counter Cards
Easel Cards
Services Include:
Hand assembly

Available Materials:
Corrugated, Cardboard, Litho Sheet, SBS, Foamcore, Foam, poly film, Styrene, "Outback", "Corduroy", Waveflute, Polyethylene, Foils, etc.

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Quote Form

We will gladly give you an estimate on your item or project. Please provide us with a detailed description of your product. (The Glossary will provide a complete description of terms, if any term is unfamiliar to you.) All prices will be quoted F.O.B. Mercer. Common Carrier and UPS available.

Please understand that your cost per unit declines as your quantity goes up, since each order requires an initial setup charge for die cuts, etc. Minimum charge for any single order, other than a stock item, is usually $300.

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Number of Pockets: Vertical or Horiz:
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Payment terms: Prior to production of first order, a 50% deposit will be required and a credit check. Upon order completion, balance is due before shipment. For returning customers, 1% 10 days. Net 30 days. 1.5% service charge on all balances after 31 days. All prices firm from date of quote unless otherwise stated.
Pyne Tree Specialty Packaging
131 Franklin St.,
Mercer, PA 16137
724-662-4416 (Fax)


Glossary of Terms
Frequently Asked Questions
Colors - Print process using 1 to 6 colors to create graphics
Counter Cards Press sheets mounted to chipboard, SBS, Foamcore, or similar material with an easel back and optional pocket for literature.
Displays, (P.O.P.)Displays, including Point of Purchase Displays (see below), used to show off merchandise and draw attention to new, specialty, or seasonal items. Also used to promote contests, special sales, or to boost sales of an item. Displays are used as an advertising medium to increase sales and consumer awareness of specific items, brands, and companies.
Die Cut The process used to cut paper, cardboard, boxes, plastics, etc. from a flat sheet of material. The die cut will include the number of cuts to make the product laminate fit a box, or the number of cuts to allow a sheet to be folded into a box or mailing package.
F.O.B.Freight On Board - Cost of product at the shipping dock or point of origin. Shipping from the FOB point is extra and not included in the price estimate, unless specified. For example, if a product is made in Nevada, but is destined for overseas, the price quote might include "FOB San Diego," which means shipping charges are calculated to San Diego in the bid, but overseas shipping has yet to be determined by the buyer. Since the cargo might go by air or by container ship, the price will depend upon the client's selected shipping method.
Easel Cards: See Counter Cards  
Embossing Creating a raised area on a sheet of paper using a pair of dies and counters. May be combined with Foil Stamping
Finishing, Graphic Arts Finishing: Service for Commercial Printers: completing products, like boxes, by cutting, applying graphics, and assembling from supplied custom artwork.
Hand Assembly: Together with folding and gluing, hand assembly prepares the complete product for final shipment.
Film Laminate: Process in which clear poly film (usually with graphics)is adhered to a press sheet.
Foil Stamping: The process of applying an image to paper using colored foils, dies, and/or heat. May be combined with Embossing.
Folding and Gluing: For example: folding the cuts of a pocket folder into place and gluing it to create the pockets.
Fulfillment and Mailing: For example: taking an advertising package of a labeled box, inserting a product item, and mailing the finished product to a distribution center, a client list, or customers as product as ordered.
Laminating: see Litho Mounting
Litho Mounting, Lithography, Lithographic Mounting, Litho : Process in which lithographic print is adhered to chipboard, corrugated, foam, or other similar material
Number Up: The number of images printed on a single sheet of paper. 3 up, for example, would mean 3 graphics covers could be cut from a single sheet on a single die cut.
Pocket Folder, Presentation Folder: Common pocket folders are used in public schools by students to hold reports. A folder with pockets on the inside, sometimes with slits for business cards.
Folders of more elaborate styles are used in business to present products, concepts, ideas, materials, etc.
POP, P.O.P: Point of Purchase Displays - Displays used to highlight merchandise at the check out counter (hence - point of purchase). Used to increase sales of impulse, occasional, or specialty items.
SBS: Solid Bleach Sulfate - White board, bleached cardboard, e.g.
Sides, Print sides: The number of sides upon which a box, poster, mailer, etc. receives a laminate or graphics.

PyneTree History: Serving "Ad Agencies," Printers, and the Print Industry

Over 20 years in the packaging business
Independent since 1994

Mark Rath, the President, is a former plant manager for Sonoco Poducts Company and for IVEX. Mark oversees operation of Pyne Tree Packaging, which is a full service production facility for specialty die cutting of corrugated, plastic, and paper products, Point of Purchase displays, design and contract packaging. Currently, PTP is providing services for:

  • Reed and Witting
  • Eckerd Drugs
  • Didax
  • Timberline Packaging
  • Hoechstetter Printing
  • PPG
  • Johnson Graphics
  • Sharon Commercial Printing
  • Comnunifax Direct
  • Superior Printing

Jeff Peterson, Director of Marketing, worked for several years in the plastics industry for TLC, Inc., which is now a distributor for Vanguard. He brings his experience in opening new markets and substantially increasing plastic use in the grocery industry through customer service programs and sales strategies. Jeff helped invent an adjustable grocery rack and left TLC to begin the production of the rack which is now sold to Vanguard and to Atlantic Packaging.

In addition to PTP, Jeff also develops marketing campaigns, web sites, and services for other companies with

Pyne Tree Specialty Packaging
131 Franklin St,
Mercer, PA 16137
724-662-4416 (Fax)

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For Commercial Printers:
Pyne Tree Packaging is a graphic arts, trade finisher providing specialty services to the Commercial Print industry. If you are a commercial printer, we can provide you with finishing services, including mailing and fulfillment, for your customers.

For Individuals, Business, Industry, Manufactures, and Entrepreneurs:
Pyne Tree Packaging can provide you with start to finish services for your business - from product design to "out the door" delivery services to your customers or distribution centers. Working with our contacts in the commercial print industry, PTP can design, package, assemble, and mail your products providing you with custom fulfillment services for your product. We can also package your existing product for shipment either in bulk or as an individual mailing.

Pyne Tree's Product Line for all industries includes: Pocket Folders, Presentation Folders, Counter Cards, Easel Cards, Large Format Die Cut Posters, and Point of Purchase Displays (POP)