Video For the Web

Need Video installed on your Website?  Use HTML5 or Youtube for hosting your Videos

We will Upload Your Videos to YouTube for Viewing on your Site. Other paid services are available like Vimeo for longer videos.

Video Compression Services:

Videos must be of short duration to be hosted on YouTube. Youtube is a free service which will allow you to put up product information and small videos.

Compress your video for web streaming or web hosting. Take your DVD, Quicktime, and iMovie creations and have them compressed for your own web hosting.

Sound, Voice, Audio, and Original Music

Music Composition and Sound Production - Jefferis Peterson has composed music and instrumental pieces which are played around the world. Original musical pieces are available for commercial license or you may commission an original work. Royalty and license agreements will vary according to the intended distribution. [Most popular pieces to date are Invention #1 and Come to the Table, which you may hear at the link above]. Peterson Design's cooperative partner, Sound and Stage Productions, offers studio production services for sound. We have professionals to provide voice overs for your original text, or we can record and produce your original or licensed musical tracks for distribution on the Web, CD, VHS, and Beta.

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