Social Media Experience:  Facebook

For just One of My Clients: Nesbits Guns, we brought in over 100,000 visitors his first year from Facebook and web search:
100,000 Nesbit Used Guns visits in 2014

I.G.O.T.A.® Social Media Experts

Together with my parter, JJ Smith, we have created I.G.O.T.A., LLC., a web venture for internet communities based around auto and truck enthusiasts. IGOTA stands for Internet Gathering of Truly Active….
We are developing multiple communities and using Facebook as an advertising social medium to generate interest in our forums. With free and paid memberships, paid advertising from vendors, and by selling clothing and other gear, we were already profitable by 2012 and have attracted the attention of major car manufacturers and advertisers. After less than three years in business, we developed substantial interest in several of our sites:

1. IGOTACUMMINS.COM   - Our Third Site, has seen our fastest and largest growth. In less than a year (as of 8/10/13)  we had over 57,372 Facebook Likes, over 4180 users on the forum, 1974 Instagram Followers, 22,636 pictures sent to us.

2. IGOTASTi.COM - Our Initial Site, started in Launched in January 2011 had a smaller niche market of Subaru STi owners, but has a very loyal following.
24,001 Facebook Likes, over 2500 users on the forum, 4,577 Threads, 53,486 Posts, and 4356 pictures sent to us.

4,153 Facebook Likes, over 1054 members on the forum, 1300 Instagram Followers, 3678 pictures sent to us.

4423 Facebook Likes, 228 users on the forum, 135 Instagram Followers, 432 pictures sent to us.

Social Ministry

Our shared passion for community ministry has also inspired us to start a separate outreach for the Christian Community called IGOTASAVIOR, which has over 30,000 likes in less than one year, with a remarkable outreach demographic to 13-17 year olds.

Savior Stats

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